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This needs to work with snapchat!! [partially resolved]

This needs to be able to work with snapchat!!! Also messaging apps that don't use the android keyboard are basically invisible to this program. IE POF,OKC, Blendt, Tinder, and others. These need to be monitored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin , 16.09.2015, 12:29
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 17.09.2015
Dear customer,
thank you for Idea. We'll inform you when any of this program is added.
Idea status: under consideration


Michael, 15.04.2016, 04:11
Yes!!! Needs to work with snapchat... I have 6 foster teens and thats what they all use to "hide" things
teslineinc, 15.04.2016, 11:57
Dear customer,
Thank you for your message. We'll add it soon.
pro-user, 19.04.2016, 20:21
yes, Please Add the ability to monitor snapchat photos and messaging. and video as well if possible. its the biggest problem we face at this time I believe.
kgpittm, 11.08.2016, 03:22
I absolutely agree. While characters are recorded in snapchat, it would be incredibly useful to better capture snapchat photos and messaging... including incoming messaging
Parent2016, 31.08.2016, 23:08
Yes, I think it's universal that kids are using SnapChat to get around any other monitoring. KidLogger is quickly becoming obsolete for me because my logs are nearly empty except for seeing that SnapChat has been used/launched. Is there any update on IF/WHEN Snapchat monitoring might be available?
teslineinc, 30.05.2018, 12:58
Dear customers,

We added a support for Snapchat messenger in KidLogger PRO for Android.
In dashboard the chat will be visible like a Skype conversation.
We hope you enjoy it!

To apply this new feature you need to download and install Support Android module from KidLogger PRO download page. After this it should be activated in Settings/Accessibility.

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