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Setting the idle time for webcam captures

I have 2 suggestions for webcam captures on Kidlogger Pro for PC

1. The ability to set how long idle has to be for it to do a cam capture, currently it only seems to capture webcam if idle is 11 minutes or greater. How ever most of the time my test users never go idle for more then 3 - 4 minutes. And since the unlock webcam capture has never worked on any of my test cases there is no way to verify who was on each computer at the time in question. The Unlock picture show up in the log list but there is never a picture if I click it.
So the ability to set the idle time to 1 minute, 2 minutes or a custom time would help greatly.

2. The ability to have KL take a webcam shot at a set time interval and/or when specific keywords are entered.

flamerpr, 24.04.2015, 15:30
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 27.04.2015
Dear customer,
Thank you for Idea. We'll think about this.
Idea status: under consideration


Sim, 14.03.2016, 10:27
Would be nice to have the second option for the phone ... cam shots at certain intervals ...but without trace !
teslineinc, 15.03.2016, 11:28
Dear customer,
What you mean 'without trace'? When a camera works, its lamp flashes.
Barney, 10.04.2016, 22:49
Wakeup time for a laptop !
When opening a laptop, KL makes a snapshot with the camera, but its to fast... Here you need to put in a delay like 15 or 30 seconds... the Pictures taken is often Black or very dark, because it takes the Picture when the laptop "wakes up", and its not fully "opend"....
About without trace,
think he Means, it should not be possible to se or hear it takes the shoot ! but with my knowledge of Android, thats not possible, unless the phone is rooted... and i think its difficult to store those Pictures another place than were the cam software is set !!
teslineinc, 11.04.2016, 14:18
Thank you for your message! Idea is registered.

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