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not recording mail password

the app shows the username of mail servers that he types but dosent show the password of it

hamed , 07.04.2015, 15:35
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 08.04.2015
Dear customers,
Some Android phones, when the password is being written, change the input method to original keyboard application for this device by itself. For example Samsung phone changes the input method to Samsung keyboard, Nexus phone - to Google keyboard. If you have installed our Android keyboard module and made it to be default input method, it is not enough. You need to open Android settings, Apps, All, find and disable Google keyboard, Samsung keyboard, Xperia or another input method, which was installed by manufacturer for this device. Only after this, to type the password, Android will use our Android keyboard module. And you will see the passwords in log file.
Possible, after you disable the original input method, the "Language and input" section will be blocked by system. (It is not bad, your child will be not able to change the input method). So, before you disable the original input method, you need to configure Android Keyboard: add necessary languages, spelling, etc.
To activate the section "Language and input" , you need to enable original keyboard in Settings, Apps, All.
Idea status: under consideration


Ruslan, 10.05.2016, 08:40
I have the same problem on my Mac
teslineinc, 10.05.2016, 10:06
Dear customer,
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