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Windows - Auto start recording audio

I would like to know if the windows version isn't supposed to start automatically with windows and already start the microphone monitoring and recording? Because it seems I have to open the program manually and then I have to enter the password and click activate, to make it happens. Can this be all automated and hidden whenever I start the computer?

Contatogl , 19.03.2015, 20:58
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 17.12.2015
Dear customer,
Kidlogger for Windows must starting immediately after a user login his windows account. If it doesn't, uninstall Kidlogger application and install it again.
1. Before installing, uninstall al previous versions of Kidlogger and Staffcounter from the computer.
2. To install and to configure the application, make a right-click on its icon and select: run as administrator.
Idea status: under consideration


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