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Can anyone explain why i recive all the time message like : 'system Logging started by system ' isnt supposed that kidlogger is all the time on ( and when its not , its start automaticaly ) ?

And btw ... why from green the logger get on grey ? even if I have the phone on house with wifi..

casper , 06.09.2014, 21:25
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 08.09.2014
Dear customer,
This message means, that Kidlogger application was stopped by another application. It may be antivirus application, cleaner or Android system. Sometimes this trouble appears, when there is not enough memory for all launched applications.
Android system is not a stable system, it accumulates the errors and wrong configurations. So, periodically you must reset it to factory setings. After that, usually, all applications work without troubles for a while. Before you make factory reset you need to save all contacts from the phone to SIM-card, photos from gallery to SD card, because this data can be lost after this procedure.
After you made a reset, you need to install and configure all necessary applications again, beginning from Kidlogger RPO.
Idea status: under consideration


casper, 09.09.2014, 11:34
When start that message seems that the Android keyboard isnt anymore the predeterminant..

Its change on Google keyboard...so what should we do about that ?
teslineinc, 10.09.2014, 11:34
Dear customer,
If a user changes the input method to another one, Kidlogger will not record the keystrokes. If a phone changes input method by itself, you need to find this option in Android settings.
hery, 25.10.2014, 11:15
can you fix it -- 'system Logging started by system ' -- so we don't have to apply factory reset? since all existing installed applications should be re-install, it's not comfortable for user and this logger become unstable as well. Need your comment on this.
teslineinc, 28.10.2014, 11:46
Dear customer,
Android, as any operation system is not perfect. It accumulates the errors and trash in phone's memory. Very often appear the logical errors, creating wrong logical ways, launching many applications, processes, that system doesn't need. In Windows, you need to reinstall the system from system disk. In Android you have a possibility to reset the phone to manufacturer settings, to remove all the errors.
Android system is open-source software. So, every manufacturer can install his own configuration of system on his phone. Very often this configuration is defective, reduced, with missing of some important parts. So, nobody can guarantee, the software will work perfect. Especially, when a phone is overloaded with applications, films, photos, etc.
Many antiviruses, cleaners start to stop the backgroung applications, when the memory becomes at almost full.
So, the best solution is to reset the phone. If it is impossible, you can uninstall some big applications, to clear the memory.

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