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KidLogger not start on windows load [ Under discussion ]

Im using windows XP SP 3. I made my options on KidLogger but after i close it and restart windows, kidlogger does not start automaticly i must run KidLogger.exe then manualty click Start... How can i make it to start records logs on windows load? Thanks a lot

xScence , 26.08.2014, 00:54
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 26.08.2014
Dear customer,
Are there any anti-virus applications, installed on your computer? If yu have Norton security Scan, or another ones, you need to add Kidlogger to the list of exceptions. Or, disable antivirus for a while and install Kidlogger again.
Idea status: under consideration


Katrash, 29.08.2014, 19:53
I have the same problem here. I followed the hint to put exceptions in antivirus, but this did not worked. I have KidLogger installed on two computers (windows 7 and 8), both with bitdefender. In none of them is working. The kma.exe process is running after windows restart.
Zozz, 02.01.2016, 12:12
I've had the same problem with Windows 10 installation. When installed the process started, but after reboot the process kma.exe asked for elevated permissions. Checked Don't ask again for this... then it seemed ok...
But no loggin on the dashboard. Opened settings and tried to connect to the kidlogger.net service with check connection and failed with: "Error opening log file". On the general tab the Log file path was wrong by default: C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\kma\\log - Double slashed before "log". Stopped the service > Close Settings > Start again then modify the path by clicking the "..." button as it can't be edited directly.
AppData is hidden by default, so you have to Enable View hidden items in windows explorer to be able to browse in AppData folder.

To the Developers: By default the path is written wrong and after restart can't log, but service still says started successfully. Path for logs can't be edited directly. Would be nice to do so :) And more importantly, I had to fiddle with the log path settings a while until it stored the settings. Apparently you have to stop the service, exit app, start again then modify path and then it saves it.
No antivirus installed. Bare Windows.
teslineinc, 05.01.2016, 10:44
Dear customers,
Of course, many antivirus systems can detect Kidlogger as a spyware, because of its monitoring features. You need to add Kidlogger and its modules to the list of exceptions.
To find the place, where is installed Kidlogger PRO, you must download the package again, run install7-8.bat without administrative rights.
To move Kidlogger folder into another place, use the method of Kidlogger hiding:
But it will be difficult to find it by you, if you want to stop monitoring. So, we recommend to leave Kidlogger PRO at selected place. If it is difficult for you to find it, it will be difficult for your children too.
Tiffany , 20.06.2017, 04:26
Zozz, I seem to be having a similar problem in Windows 10; however, I don't even have to reboot..Kidlogger will work and upload logs for a few minutes, then it just stops. This is with my antivirus program completely disabled. I have no idea what is wrong, but I think it has something to do with the log folder location, as you mentioned.
teslineinc, 20.06.2017, 13:10
Dear customer,
read please how to correctly install KidLogger application on Windows computer:
Usually this problem appers, when you instll it by simple double-click. But KidLogger applicaiton shold be installed as administrator.
On our test computer, where no other applications installed, KidLogger works perfect. It means, many other applications, can stop it working. For example antiviruses (McAfee, Avira, Norton etc.) can stop it without asking you. We recommend to uninstall all antivirus applicaitons and install KidLogger again.

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