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Record video from webcam [ Under discussion ]

it would be good to add a feature like, start to record a video from webcam when specific word is written, e.g record 15 min of video when word "abcdefg" is written.

Pepe , 21.03.2014, 23:39
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 24.03.2014
Thank you for Idea. We have added it in our plans.
Idea status: under consideration


teslineinc, 26.06.2014, 11:32
Thank you Hemr, for the detailed explanation.
Indeed continuous web cam recording is not practical - web cam resource is not shared between Apps so KidLogger will lock it and other apps like Skype will not be able to use it. For background app like Kidlogger it is not good practice to lock system resources.

But for periodic Web Cam shots - it is possible and easy to add. We will consider to add it in next releases.

Igor Colin
KidLogger.net team

Please vote for this feature to make it more important.
richard , 05.11.2014, 01:12
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teslineinc, 05.11.2014, 10:07
If you find this program, let me know please.
richard , 06.11.2014, 06:32
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teslineinc, 07.11.2014, 11:35
Dear customer,
To install this software the phone must be rooted. We provide the software, that doesn't require phone to be rooted.
Customer1, 05.02.2015, 09:05
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teslineinc, 06.02.2015, 10:35
Dear customer,
Verify your camera's driver. Try to use it in Skype. Is it working?
Customer1, 08.02.2015, 21:34
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teslineinc, 10.02.2015, 15:42
Dear customer,
Below this forum on Kidlogger.net you can see our contact form.
Use it to report the problem. It will help us to find your account and see your log files and camera photos.
wish, 02.09.2015, 12:22
hi, i would like to ask if the software could log the facial expression of the user (through videos or pictures) while using another application? thank you for your immediate response.
teslineinc, 08.09.2015, 12:05
Thank you for idea. Making of a photo from Web cam, when a user launches a custom program, it is possible. We'll register this idea.
inthiim, 26.09.2015, 08:26
Or. perhaps just a feature that can take a snapshot ever x minutes. Like you already have with the screenshot. I would personally like it if i could make it do that, or maybe even view the webcam whenever I want. Other than that. Awesome program and app. :)
teslineinc, 28.09.2015, 10:52
Good idea!
Tsvety, 16.04.2016, 12:39
Is it not easier or better to make the features-record video from cam, audio from mic of surrounding noise, lengthy phone/chat audio or video conversations (phone,skype,viber,FB)- MANUAL from the parental page/application, instead of sending special word/letters commands triggered by the user. Perhaps it is better to have them readily available as an uniform server service for everyone with certain rights e.g. pro account. Then the user can select from their application start and stop of the feature by pushing a button. They can use it for a minute, stop it, review it and decide if they wish to record another minute or 10 minutes more of the video/audio.

The idea is to stop the background application using too much resources, if they are not needed by the parent at the given time. To avoid getting detected.

Maybe even all features can be made to start/stop manually by the parent app for a given period to avoid detection and make possible to record only activities of interest, rather than all activities of the available program features.

This will spare resources, phone battery and give MORE meaningful reports for the parent.

For example-my child is at home in the room and I know what he is doing. I may wish to record chats, which he may hide if I walk over, but I don't need browser history, game time or more specific audio/video recording etc. However, I may want to record everything for monitoring later for the one hour that he was alone, supposedly doing homework, and I wasn't there.

Moreover - I don't want to spend an hour to fish out from a day-long or even worse days-long recording of activities that has only an hour of important information for me.

This is especially true for teenagers/older kids/ who nowadays may have more computer/smartphone knowledge than their parents and they can easily detect unwanted activities on their devices. You may only want to record the hour/s spent out with their friends and/or a gap of time during school, e.g the brake time if I believe it is an issue i.e. bullying from others or get informed of an unwanted behaviour on his/her part, during those times.

Failsafe may need to be used to avoid the users simply turning it on and forgetting it on, thus running the service for too long.
Perhaps give the user an option of recording a standard video/audio with length 10 minutes for those features and only run it for that long, unless the user himself inputs manually 1 minute or say 15 minutes or other specific recording time. This will ensure that the targets phone will not go dead, block or run out of battery just when you need it not to.

After all you want only to MONITOR your child safety, not endanger it, by makeing its phone useless, when you are expecting his/her call to go and pick them up from a friends house or an evening out with friends (if older).
teslineinc, 19.04.2016, 11:00
Dear customer,
thank you for your opinion, we have to study it and to do some conclusion.
rod, 25.05.2016, 12:45
ip webcam app and Ivideon make this possible. check them out !!!!

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