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How can I hide the logged files (.jpg, .htm, etc.) [ Under discussion ]

How can I hide the logged files (.jpg, .htm, etc.) from a user who can do a simple search (on Windows version) and find the files in the /log directory?

My kids can search for the files and simply delete them.


Dan Holt , 19.12.2013, 05:36
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 19.12.2013
Dear customer,
Thank you for your message.
We are looking for a solution, how to hide the log files and pictures. Now it is stored in plain form in 'logs' folder.
Idea status: under consideration


Mohamed Adel, 16.05.2016, 14:03
you can hide log files by use script:
1. create "filename.bat" file. use notepad.
2. type this code to hide files and save file in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" to run on startup windows.

attrib +s +h +r "C:\Program Files\KidLogger\logs\username\*.*"
attrib +s +h +r "C:\Program Files\KidLogger\logs\username"

3. to show files you can create same file with replace "+" to "-".
attrib -s -h -r "C:\Program Files\KidLogger\logs\username\*.*"
attrib -s -h -r "C:\Program Files\KidLogger\logs\username"
teslineinc, 17.05.2016, 12:19
NO need to do these folders read-only! Kidlogger application must have access to the files to write them.
You can make this folder hidden:
Find C:\Program Files\KidLogger\logs, right-click on Logs folder, Properties, Hidden.

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