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When typing e with accent example é. [ Under development ]

Hi when typing letter that has accents in them you normaly push the accent button and then the letter that you want.
For example é´
This doesn't work when kidlogger is enabled!
I have to hold down the accent button and then press the letter E for example.
This is because of kiddlogger becasue when it's turned of it works just fine.

Can you please correct this because it's alomst making the app worthless to me.
Windows 7

Best regards

Patrik J , 07.12.2013, 18:46
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 26.08.2014
Dear customers,
Sorry for inconvenience.
We are working now to solve this problem. Hope, we finish soon.
Use our contact form below this forum to report your e-mail address. We'll inform you when it's ready.
Idea status: under consideration


Nakton, 12.05.2015, 14:45
I have same problem, using PT-BR(ABNT2) keyboard Layout.
teslineinc, 14.05.2015, 13:02
Dear customer,
Below this forum you can see our contact form. Use it to report the problem please. We need additional information.
Tommy, 14.05.2015, 15:19
We have the same problem

Our system are Windows 7 Pro 64Bits
Keyboard : French Canada - Frenmch Canada

Please correct this as soon as possible... We are using Kidlogger in a small company...

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