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Keystrokes are saved letter by letter instead of word [ Under discussion ]

I have an Motorola Atrix HD, and recently i had a problem with KeyStrokes that was not working, and today for some reason in the morning the keystrokes start to working. But now i have a problem.

The Keystrokes are saved letter by letter instead of word, for example, if i enter to whatsapp and i write "Hello" and send that message to a contact, then the keystroke log will be like:
instead of a keystroke log like:

Kirk Ricord , 13.11.2013, 15:16
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 26.08.2014
Dear customer,
I is a known issue of TalkBackTS: The Keystrokes are saved letter by letter instead of entire word.
Try to install Android Keyboard (new Tkeyboard.apk) along with it. Android Keyboard is inside Kidlogger PRO package for Android.
Idea status: under consideration


kirk, 15.11.2013, 14:08

i cant install Android Keyboard (new Tkeyboard.apk) because my phone have already an android keyboard, and when i try to install it it send me an error that there existe the same keyboard, i have reviewing how to delete the original android keyboard but seems to be not possible.

could you please help me with this?
teslineinc, 26.08.2014, 14:34
Dear customer,
If on your phone is already installed Android keyboard by manufacturer, You can not install our module, because it is based on original Android keyboard. Thre are two ways: to use Kidlogger without keystroke-recording module or to buy another phone for your child, without Android keyboard. Remains a possibility to uninstall original Android keyboard on rooted phones, but it is dangerous because of possible Android crashing.
M, 28.04.2015, 17:57
Just wondering if anything has every been worked out on this? My biggest concerns is what is going on in SnapChat and free text apps... and it don't seem to capture words? Thanks
teslineinc, 30.04.2015, 11:18
Dear customer,
Thank you for message.
SnapChat will be added in nearest future.
Laura, 17.08.2015, 21:26
I've installed kid logger but don't have the keystroke recordings. What do I need to do to install the keyboard?
teslineinc, 19.08.2015, 14:07
Dear customer,
Log in please your user account and go to support page. Below this forum you can find our contact form. Ask your question here. We'll provide you necessary instructions.
Ryan, 13.04.2016, 17:02
If installed on a Blackberry 9900, will it be able to capture whatsapp keystrokes?
teslineinc, 14.04.2016, 08:40
Unfortunately, the development for BlackBerry is suspended.
Latka, 25.04.2016, 05:13
I have install Tkeyboard.apk but still it record keystrokes letter by letter. It is very annoying.
teslineinc, 27.04.2016, 09:58
Dear customer,
perform a factory reset of your phone and install KL PRO again with its modules. This problem usually appears there, where Android system has many system errors.
keri, 11.04.2017, 04:31
If I make the phone use the android keyboard instead of the LG keyboard, there are no emojis and my kid switches back to the LG keyboard. Is there a fix for this?
teslineinc, 11.04.2017, 08:38
Dear customer,
other keyboards are not open-source (Samsung, LG keyboard) and we can not add keystroke-recording code the these applications.
Xteven31, 28.05.2017, 18:35
Not sure if everyone is having the same problem but now the letters are not being displayed in the correct order in the dashboard. It show the letters but is impossible to read the words since they are shuffle

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