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Record events caused by user or lost service [ Under discussion & development ]

It would be a nice feature if events were logged.

- no gps signal
- no data connection
- gps manually turned off/on
- data connection manually turned off/on
- phone was turned off/on

BJ , 07.11.2013, 11:34
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 08.11.2013
Dear customer,
Thank you for Idea. We consider it very important. In future version we'll add some of these features.
Idea status: under consideration


sf, 03.09.2015, 09:53
It wuld be wery usefull!
Sim, 14.03.2016, 10:29
this is a great idea ... very useful to know what is happening ...
Barney, 07.08.2016, 00:20
Or the user switches to another keyboard.
This is actuarlly a very important one !!
Because if the user switches to a keyboard that KD or KD Pro cant log !!
Dont know if this have been mentioned before !!

teslineinc, 08.08.2016, 09:29
Dear customer,
to disallow a child to switch to another keyboard, you can install Parental time control and disallow user to change the settings.
Or, it is possible to install TalkBackTS_4 module and make it active in Settings, Accessibility. It records the keystrokes from all the keyboards, however, without passwords.

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