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Where can i donwload Kidlogger PRO 1.6 for Android? [ Resolved ]

where can i donwload Kidlogger PRO 1.6 for Android?

jabberwok , 22.06.2013, 13:19
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 24.06.2013
Dear customer,
If you are Professional or Standard user.
Log in your personal account on Kidlogger.net serveice.
Click on Download link.
Find Kidlogger PRO and click Download.
If you are basic user, you can contact us through the support form to receive a link to download Kidlogger PRO for testing.
Idea status: under consideration


grin, 02.12.2015, 07:05
Ill already buy proversion but till now my basic account nothing change...what can ido plz help me...and how can i get kidlogger pro thankz
teslineinc, 02.12.2015, 09:56
Dear customer,
Login please your user account, go to support page and find our contact form. Write please your e-mail and order ID.
Tonya, 16.08.2016, 20:13
I want to go back to PRO but forgot to pay for upgrade before time ran out. I've tried to find your contact link. It is no where to be found. Please, how can I upgrade back to pro?
teslineinc, 17.08.2016, 15:59
Dear customer,
login your user account and go to Order page.
If you have not an account, click Login/Register
murat, 29.12.2016, 22:12
teslineinc, 30.12.2016, 10:40
Dear customers,
Now PRO versions are available only for users with Professional accounts. If a user has purchased Standard account last summer or earlier, we provide him the links to download PRO version by request. He just should use our contact form. If a user has purchased Standard account this month, we can refund the payment for it.

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