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Is My Son Worshipping Satan????

Hello. I have been using your services for a few weeks now. I am deeply concerned. My son, (Christopher, only 16) has been heavily using this application titled "Tumblr" (Yes, with no 'e') lately and I am starting to get worried it is a Satan worshipping app and is brainwashing my Christopher.

I'll have you know my son used to be a good Christian boy. His whole life he would go with my husband, our two daughters and I to church every morning and every Sunday. Since using this "Tumblr" app he has REFUSED to go with us in the mornings and no longer pays attention on Sunday. He is being ripped away from his faith because of this application.

Using this service, I have been reading his messages to a number of probable satanists on "Tumblr" and they have caused me a great deal of concern.I greatly appreciate this service with all of its features and functions, but is there one available that could allow me to send messages on his behalf, cutting ties with these Satan-worshipping devil's apprentices? I have attempted to use his mobile device to send these messages, however he will not let me do so and usually becomes frustrated with me.

He has begun to DYE HIS HAIR UNSAVOURY COLOURS, he has been PAINTING HIS NAILS BLACK, and has started SWEARING! He will never get a wife with how he dresses. I don't even recognise my Christopher anymore. Please help.

Sharon Smith , 02.01.2019, 11:10
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