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Logging Problem

Hi. I have PRO account and i have problem with logging Kakao Talk messenger. I have installed newest kidlogger apk and talk back too. In log file is logged only used application KakaoTalk with time how long was app used that all. Not incoming and outgoing message and keystrokes too not. With other apps viber, fb messenger etc. is no problem only with KakaoTalk. Where is problem? May be some KakaoTalk security update or what? Thnx for answer...

Pilot , 20.06.2017, 15:43
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 21.06.2017
Dear customer,
thank you for your messsage. We'll test it and reply you ASAP.
Idea status: under consideration


Hckrnnyms, 02.07.2017, 10:40
Hi. Problem is in Talkback app... Kakao have changed some params after update... Must change params for better screen recording and taking information from running kakao app and all will be OK... Good Luck :)
teslineinc, 03.07.2017, 08:51
Thank you! We have tested it on several phones. On some phones (Android 4.4) it records good, on another ones (Android 6) - not.
We'll fix it ASAP.
Pilot, 18.07.2017, 19:35
Now logging kakao without problem... Thank you very much :-)

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