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Searching 'Android KMA Service' in google brings up kidlogger website as a top result. Those keywords need to be removed as a tag to stop it from showing it in a search engine query.

Since the pro version of application is still visible in list of installed/running application, a user may look at it and decide to see what this random app is on say Google. It doesn't take someone a long time to figure out that the app installed on their phone is infact a spyware since a simple search result so easily directs them to kidlogger website.


sholmes1, 24.09.2016, 18:17
Response from the site administrator
teslineinc, 27.09.2016
Dear customer,
Thank you for the information.
We'll try to find and remove all possibilities to find our server by this keyword.
Idea status: under consideration


James, 10.11.2016, 21:20
Do you have any idea how long will take to solve this problem questioned above? It is a shame when you type "android KMA Service" google and other similar websites bring as result this page: https://kidlogger.net/trouble-android.html
Nowadays kids are very smart and they will uninstall the app if they found your website. I hope you can fix this ASAP, otherwise I will consider migrate the service to another website even I need to pay more.
teslineinc, 14.11.2016, 08:16
Dear parents.
We have removed all information about this application name from this page. We hope, the database of Google will be updated soon. Because our forum may be also indexed by search engines, we ask you not to write the application's name here.
Chris Wareham, 09.04.2017, 16:35
Alternatively like I made a suggestion for people to vote is the ability to rename the running application service and tailback service to any variable such as allowing the installation user to assign a name such as "WiFi" and "WiFi Connection" or any value the user seems appropriate. Something like what I have mentioned will definitely stop the phone user uninstalling the application. Last thing they want to do is lose connectivity so they will stay well away from removing applications with similar names.
teslineinc, 11.04.2017, 08:37
Thank you, it is a good idea

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